How to can stewed tomatoes at home?

What is stewed tomatoes

What is stewed tomatoes? Oh, it is universal and healthy dish. It may be treated as souse, garnish or side dish. The cooking process is extremely easy, so everyone, even people that are not so good in making food, will learn it fast. Let’s us start!

You should choose red tomatoes for this dish. Other sorts are acceptable too, but the red ones are the most delicious. First you should peel them. To do it, just put tomatoes in the boiling water for several minutes and then put them into cold water. It will make the peeling process much easier. Do not forget to wash them before peeling!

Your knife should be as sharp as possible, because we need to save juice. It will play the role of oil during the stewing. You may add a lot of different species, but we recommend basil, dill, oregano, parsley, thyme and black pepper. But did you know that you may can tomatoes at home? We have got simple instruction for you.

how to can stewed tomatoes

How to can stewed tomatoes: directions

It is much easier than you cannot imagine. First of all, you should sterilize the glass jars. You may use oven for this action: clear them, put them in and grill it for several minutes. Take the jars out, fill them with stewed tomatoes and tighten the leads. Then you should turn all the jars upside down and cover them with some of your warm clothes, for example, with the winter coat. After 24 hours you may put them to the cellar. This procedure slightly prolongs the expiration date of the dish. Now, when you know how to can stewed tomatoes, you may taste it regardless of the time of year. Bon appetite!

how to can stewed tomatoes